New Covergirl Model…. Ellen

 When I 1st heard the news – I thought it was a joke.  Ellen DeGeneres as the newest CoverGirl spokesperson??  Coming from Ellen you would think it was funny and possibly even a joke – but it is true.  Ellen is the latest celebrity to represent CoverGirl.  I love the Ellen show.  Ellen is crazy -funny and there isn’t a talk show out there that compares to Ellen.  Yes – I do love the Oprah show also – but we are talking two completely different types of shows. “Ellen is the quintessential CoverGirl,” said  Esi Eggleston Bracey, for Procter & Gamble Beauty.
“She is smart, confident, natural, and beautiful from the inside out.  Her beauty and down-to-earth personality fit perfectly with what CoverGirl represents.”  Ellen told People Magazine,
I’m honored and the photo shoot was ‘easy, breezy, beautiful CoverGirl.”  Sounds like Ellen.


One response to “New Covergirl Model…. Ellen

  1. its for sure interesting!

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