Deanna Pappas (Bachelorette) Speaks Out on Breakup!!

Deanna Pappas

Deanna Pappas

Jesse, Deanna Pappas’ ex-fiance, had his turn on You Tube (see earlier post) and it seems that Deanna is now taking her turn on her MySpace Fan Page.

Deanna thanked everyone for their support and went on to say the following:

“I, too, am saddened by the breakup of our relationship. While it would be easy to get on here and start defending myself against the recent negative attacks on me, I choose not to do that. I respect the relationship Jesse and I had too much to drag the issues we had out into the public eye. Some things need to remain private. I wish Jesse nothing but the very best life has to offer and I know that he will succeed and do well in his pursuits.”

In the section for Who I’d like to meet Deanna wrote:

Someone who is honest. Someone who loves me for me..unconditionally.

When I read the unconditionally I felt like there was a hidden message.  What do you think – is she trying to tell Jesse something?


3 responses to “Deanna Pappas (Bachelorette) Speaks Out on Breakup!!

  1. Deanna,
    You are the biggest loser.How could you justify what you have done to another person,just so maybe you could get some publicity.CBS made the mistake of their lives having put you on the bachelorette show.What they didn’t realize,is that you where not in it for the right reasons.All you wanted was to “BE FAMOUS”.What you don’t understand, is that you have no talent except to snow people into believing what you would like them to think.I bet your poor family is so ashamed of you.Not only could you put Jesse through this,but also your family,that’s just about the lowest a person can go.I hope you are proud of yourself and I also pray that you will never be successful ,since you really don’t deserve any good fortune.

  2. That is too unkind. I am certain that both DeAnna and Jessie are fine, upstanding people. There are many city and country types that do not mesh into the other realm. Good luck and future happiness to both.

  3. I had my say on my blog about these two as wel…the bottom line? “If you’re just not feeling it, don’t continue it”


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