Madonna Has A Lot of Rules for Guy Ritchie. Fact or Fiction??

guyritchiAfter several weeks of not seeing his children, Guy Ritchie,  is finally getting the opportunity to visit with them.

But of course – there are rumors that the visit comes with a set of conditions. According to the Daily Mail, Madonna sent Guy the list via email.

Here is the list of rules that were sent to Guy.

  • Under no circumstances should they be allowed to read newspapers, magazines, or watch TV or DVDs.


  •  They must adhere at all times to a macrobiotic, vegetarian, organic diet with no processed or refined food. (Does this mean no McDonalds?)


  • All water they drink, even when it is to dilute organic juice, should be Kabbalah water. (Where can I get some of that water?)

  • They should wear the clothes Madonna has sent with them on the flight. If they need to be bought anything, they should not contain any man-made fibers.


  • Their hands should be regularly cleaned with disinfectant spray if they are in public places. (Looks like there is going to be a run on Purell).

  • They should not be bought toys that are spiritually or ethically unsound.


  • Guy should not discuss the separation with them. (Do you think they’ve noticed that Mom and Dad don’t live together)?

  • Madonna should have phone contact with the boys as much as three or four times a day at times set by her.


  • The boys should not be introduced to Guy’s new friends, especially any new female friends.


  • Madonna has encouraged the access to give time with the boys, rather than his parents spending large amounts of time with them.


  • The boys should not be photographed while with Guy. It is his responsibility to organize security so that does not happen. (TOO LATE FOR THIS ONE – THERE ARE PHOTOS ALL OVER THE PLACE)

  • At bedtime, Guy should read David the English Rose books Madonna wrote. (I personally enjoy the book – but isn’t every night overkill).

What do you think – can these rules be real??  If they are real I am sure Guy will do his best to adhere to them since he wants to be able to see his children.


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