More on Deanna and Jesse’s Breakup

Is anyone tired of hearing about Deanna Pappa’s and Jesse Csincsak breakup??

Extra recently had an interview with Jesse where he gave more insight into the breakup.

Jesse stated,

“We both went on the show with the best of intentions. We did fall in love on the show, but things didn’t work out. I wish her nothing but the best. She’s a great person. I hope to see her do well. I don’t regret anything with her.”

What kind of girl is Jesse looking for?

“I want a down-to-earth, honest outgoing girl that loves to be outside and snowboard.”

Surprisingly, Jesse said if given the opportunity he would do another reality show to find the right woman. Although he did give it a spin that might actually work. Especially since there is only 1 couple that has ever made it to the alter (Trista and Ryan).

“I’d want to put them [the girls] in my element… to be out in Colorado… doing the things I like to do… if I could meet a girl that is into doing all those things and is honest and outgoing, I think I could find true love again.”

Not a bad idea. Instead of creating the perfect romantic environment – have the bachelor or bachelorette go about their everyday life. This way the contestants can get the real picture instead of one big honeymoon. What do you think – would this help more couples to make it to the alter??


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