Who is the Love of Jessica Alba’s Life?

I am sure if I gave you 3 chances to get the right answer – you would get it right on the 1st guess. If you said her daughter, Honor, you are correct. It has been 5 months since Jessica Alba gave birth to her daughter Honor Marie.  In an interview with People Magazine, Jessica stated  Honor has brought her and husband Cash Warren closer.

It brings family together. It brings friends together. It makes every decision that you make that much more important.”

When asked if Honor is sleeping through the night?

“It depends on what you think sleeping through the night is. She gets a few bottles a night, yes. But she doesn’t wake up and want to hang out.”

That is DEFINITELY not sleeping through the night.  If you’re eyes open to take care of the baby – you are no longer sleeping.  So the answer to that question should have been NO WAY.
Alba is in a very happy place.

“She’s the love of my life. The love is profound. She gives everything more meaning.”

Ahhhh – motherhood.


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