Hugh Jackman Tells All About Love Scenes with Nicole Kidman


Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman star together in their new film, Australia”, scheduled to be released November 26, 2008.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman

When it was time to film their love scenes – spouses Keith Urban and Deborra-Lee Furness were no where to be found – this was done intentionally.

Can you blame them??  I can’t imagine having to watch my husband with another woman – yet alone – Nicole Kidman of all people.   

Jackman spoke to People Magazine,

Filming love scenes with Kidman “couldn’t have been better or easier,” We spoke of “setting boundaries.”

When asked if Hugh Jackman wore anything for the steamy scenes, Hugh responded by saying,

I won’t tell all the nitty gritty. “But [director Baz Luhrmann] treats love scenes like choreography. The camera is like a dancer. If you watch any of his movies, visually, the love scenes are like poetry.”

I wonder what those boundaries were?  I am sure he was loving this poetry – how could he not!!


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