Angelina Jolie Talks About “Changeling” and Her Mom

Angelina is currently promoting her latest movie “Changeling“.  According to Times Online, Angelina Jolie blinked back tears when discussing her role in the film. The role reminded her of her late mother.

She said her character, whose son goes missing, was similar to her actress mother Marcheline Bertrand, who died from cancer in 2007.

Angelina got very choked up when talking about her mother. 

She was very much Christine Collins. She was very sweet and she would never get angry and she would never swear, but when it came to her kids she was fierce, so this was very much her story.”

There is already Oscar buzz around Changeling, a movie that Angelina almost turned down.  She found the idea of re-enacting the true story of Christine Collins too harrowing. Collins’ son went missing in 1928. Corrupt police then returned a boy that wasn’t hers, insisting he was her missing son and throwing her into a psychiatric hospital when she disputed his identity.

“When I first read the script I couldn’t put it down and then I said no immediately. I didn’t want to go near this story.”

She changed her mind when she was unable to stop thinking about Collins’ plight.   

I found it very inspiring in the end. I really wanted people to know about her as an extra piece of justice.”


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