Beyonce aka Sasha Fierce



When I 1st heard that Beyonce had an alter-ego, Sasha Fierce, I could not understand why singers often create an alias.  They create the alias, make an album under the alias and promote the alias.




According to Newsday, Beyonce’s album, “I am Sasha Fierce” was created as a business decision.  By creating Sasha, Beyonce is able to take risks that she would otherwise be unable to take.  Sasha is edgier and sings the hip-hop and dance-oriented music.  Beyonce continues to sing the ballads.

This is a way to keep all of her existing fans happy.  If they like Sasha Fierce – that’s great!! If they don’t then it is not a problem since it wasn’t Beyonce singing.  A risk-free chance to try out a new persona and a new style of music.

Outside of Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana I don’t know of many successful alter-egos.  Hannah Montana was successful because she came before Miley.  She had her own television show that the kids loved.  Out of Hannah came Miley. 

Garth Brooks had an alter ego – Chris Gaines  .  Has anyone seen or heard from Chris??

Can anyone recall a successful alter ego?? 




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