What was Reese Witherspoon’s Strangest Christmas Gift?

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon

In the spirit of the release of Reese Witherspoon’s holiday comedy “Four Christmases” and of course in the spirit of the holiday, Reese spoke to Extra about the strangest Christmas gift she’s ever received.

A DEAD SQUIRREL!!  Yes – that is VERY strange.

My dad’s a doctor, and his patients used to always send him weird things because we grew up in Tennessee — so its country.  One year they sent a dead squirrel… as dinner. So we had it in the freezer for like three years… my brother and I were daring each other to touch it for like $10.”

That must have been something to see.  My stomach turns just thinking about it.

Reese confessed that she keeps her Oscar for “Walk the Line” in her front den.  We like to dress it up for Christmas. We put a little Santa hat on it and scarf because it gets cold.”

How cute is that?? 

Anyone care to confess their strangest Christmas gifts?


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