Every Day is Ground Hog Day for Britney Spears

I hear you Britney.  I feel the same way.  Only in my world there is no chef, nanny, personal trainer or anyone else to take care of my every wish and need.  In my world – we call it “reality”.

According to US Magazine,
In a new documentary, Britney Spears tearfully admits in her new controlled life,

“There’s no excitement, there’s no passion”
“I have really good days, and then I have bad days, even when you go to jail, you know there’s the time when you’re gonna get out.

“But in this situation, it’s never ending.  It’s just like [the movie] Groundhog Day every day.”

Britney hit rock bottom in January when she was forced to undergo psychiatric treatment after losing custody of her sons to ex Kevin Federline.

She says she is still paying for the public meltdown.  Being in the public eye can do that to a person. 

Unfortunately, Britney is now seeing the help as “control” and a lack of freedom.

Still she says, “I think I’ve learned my lesson now and enough is enough.”

Let’s hope Britney continues on the path she is on and doesn’t make a wrong turn.


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