Madonna Reaches Divorce Settlement

Madonna and kids in happier times.

Madonna and kids in happier times.

Madonna and Guy Ritchie announced they were divorcing after 8 years of marriage. According to the BBC, Madonna and Guy Ritchie will be granted a preliminary divorce decree at the High Court in London on Friday. After six weeks and a day, the divorce will be made final. That was quick!! At least for me it was – I don’t about them.

According to the British press, Madonna and Ritchie reached a settlement over money and their kids Lourdes, 12, Rocco, 8, and David, 3. London’s Evening Standard reports that Madonna will keep the bulk of her estimated $500 million fortune.

Rocco and David will split time between the U.S. and London, while Lourdes, whose father is Carlos Leon, will live with her mother. I wonder if she will see Ritchie at all – it must be weird to have lived with him for 8 years and then that’s it. I see counseling in her future – can you say abandonment issues?

Thankfully – they both put the children first. Had Guy Ritchie wanted to – he could have dragged this whole thing out for months – just to get a piece of her fortune (which is rumored to be over $500 million). That’s no chump change either.


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