“Twilight” Coming Out Tonight!!!

Twilight Advertisement

Twilight Advertisement

I have been trying not to write about “Twilight” – I think I have been avoiding it because I know nothing about the books, movie, actors,….

I finally realized that there is absolutely no way to avoid discussing the movie, “Twilight”. It is being promoted everywhere. Television, Internet, Talk Shows. You name it. If you have not gotten tickets for the movie set to be released tonight at 12:01AM – then it will be virtually impossible to get them at this late date.

The star of the movie, Robert Pattinson is a British actor. He has been in another cult like series, Harry Potter. The actor plays good-guy vampire Edward Cullen in the film, based on a best-selling books series by Stephanie Meyer, and has become the heartthrob of the moment.

His co-star is Kristen Stewart, who plays Edward’s mortal love, Bella.

Pattinson has become an ICON virtually overnight. Screaming girls everywhere. It has gotten to the point that he needs a bodyguard when going to his press junkets.

There is already talk of possible sequels. There are three other novels in the Stephenie Meyer series so anything is possible.

Pattinson said that a script for a second film has been written, and Stewart heard the cast might reunite to film the second and third sequels at the same time, but now they might be filmed separately.

According to Catherine Hardwicke, the director,

“It has to make a certain amount of money, like $150 million, to be able to afford the sequel. So we really don’t know yet.”

I am willing to bet that it will make more than $150 milliion, what do you think??


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