Rosie O’Donnell Speaks Out on the Today Show

Rosie O'Donnell - Photo from Her Blog

Rosie O

Rosie O’Donnell is back!! Rosie is going to be hosting a Variety Show, “Rosie Live”, Wednesday at 8PM. An hour of fun – no controversy, no fighting. For Rosie that is a change. Especially in the past week with Rosie and Barbara Walters going back and forth fighting and slamming each other every chance they get.

Rosie was on the “Today” Show this morning where she had another opportunity to express herself.
When asked about the latest controversy with “The View”, Rosie stated,

“No matter what Barbara Walters wants everyone to think, that everyone gets along – that is just not a reality.”

Rosie also said you don’t hear the question. After 60 interviews you are just trying to answer the questions. One of the questions was, “Are the woman really friends?” – my answer to that was no – they are not hanging out on the weekends.

“It was never my goal to hurt anyone there (on the View). After the Donald Trump thing – after Christmas – I knew I was not going to re-sign with The View and Barbara also knew that.”

Rosie is still hurt about the incident where they went to a split screen when Rosie and Elizabeth were fighting.


Rosie also admits to being “hard to take” for some people and admits that Barbara Walters probably just had had enough of her.

What do you think is Rosie hard to take??


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