Beyonce “Traumatized” by Nephews Birth



Beyonce was on the Ellen show talking about marriage, birth, and who else but Sasha Fierce (her alter-ego). 

Beyonce says it wasn’t easy being in the delivery room when her younger sister Solange gave birth to her nephew Daniel, in 2004.

With reference to her nephew’s birth, Beyonce stated:

“It kind of traumatized me.  I told my sister that. I said, ‘Please don’t have me in the room,’ and she said, ‘You have to – I’m your sister! Stop being so silly.’

“Well, I was right.  I’m traumatized.”

Beyonce did say that “will” have a baby of her own.  That is good news.  Besides being beautiful – she is so talented – that would be a waste of good genes if she didn’t.

About Beyonce’s husband, Jay-Z:

“He’s a great guy. He’s a cool guy.  He’s patient. It feels great being married”

About Sasha Fierce:

“People are like, ‘I don’t understand the Sasha Fierce thing.’ It’s for fun … and it gives me an excuse to blame anything really bad on Sasha Fierce.”

Somehow I can’t picture Beyonce doing anything really bad. Can you??

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