How is Britney Spears REALLY doing??

Britney Spears - Circus

Britney Spears - Circus

According to the Today Show, Britney Spears is on the comeback trail.


In an interview with a reporter from Rolling Stone Magazine, the Today Show was able to get some insight into how Britney Spears is REALLY doing.


According to the reporter, Britney is heavily managed this time around. For the 1st time the reporter had to submit her questions ahead of time. There are a lot more restrictions because of the conservatorship that her father has over Britney. One topic that was not allowed to be discussed was the relationship with her father, as well as ex-husband Kevin Federline.

The reporter stated,

“She looks like she is doing great. But there is a sense that she is more muted. Britney Spears with the volume turned down.”



Britney also seens to be more stable and lucid.

When asked about motherhood and if it is different than expected, Britney stated,

“I didn’t expect my husband to leave me”

Not many people go into a relationship with the idea that their spouse will leave them. That cannot be easy.

The reporter was asked, Can Britney make a successful comeback?

“Yes. A comeback is based on the talent she has and that definitely remains.”

What do you think?? Can it be done? How many times can one person make a comeback?? We’ll have to ask Michael Jackson for the answer to that one.


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