Jessica Simpson has a REAL Blonde Moment

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson

It was another Chicken of the Sea moment for Jessica Simpson when she went shopping recently at a Beverly Hills Niketown.


According to Star Magazine, “Jessica asked the sales associate helping her where the Adidas sweat pants were.” 

Probably at the Adidas store!

Jessica just didn’t realize that Niketown sells only Nike apparel.  That is definitely a blonde moment.


2 responses to “Jessica Simpson has a REAL Blonde Moment

  1. Gee… don’t you wish that you were famous enough that you would think people give a crap what YOU say? Well, they don’t. Of course the salesgirl was perfectly truthful in her “quote”, and of course you people wrote it accurately. It’s a shame that there’s not enough journalism out there with value for you to work at, instead of using your “talents” to tear down people who HAVE made something of themselves. Shame!

  2. I would love to have her as mine. She is very sexy and beautiful. Would treat her like a queen.

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