Jennifer Aniston Turns Down John Mayer’s Marriage Proposal – Fact or Fiction??

jennifer_aniston2402I’m not sure that I even believe this but it definitely made me say, WHAT??

According to Look Magazine, Jennifer Aniston has reportedly turned down John Mayer’s marriage proposal.

Jennifer is said to have declined John’s offer because she doesn’t want to damage their relationship.  That probably won’t make much sense to the millions of people who are married – but okay.

A source said: 

Jennifer told John that everything is so perfect between them right now, they shouldn’t ruin the focus of their relationship.

Despite being taken aback by Jennifer’s refusal, John is determined not to let her decision affect their romance, and still thinks they have what it takes to go the distance.

According to Look magazine:

 John told Jennifer she is the girl for him and he is sure of it. He is willing to do anything she wants as long as they are together. He is like a different guy.

John was over the moon when Jennifer took him back last month and he never wants them to be apart again. He really wants to settle down with her. He wants children, marriage – the whole thing at some point.

So what do you think – fact or fiction??


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