Kayne West Gives Wayyyyyyyy Too Much Information

kaynewest Last week we had Meghan Fox discussing her farts, this week we have Kayne West discussing his love of porn.  This is way too much information.  I’d like to put this in the category – did we really need to know that?

According to Contact Music, Kayne West is convinced he is still single because he is searching for a woman with porn-star looks who is also stylish, classy and refined.
The rap superstar admits to a love for adult movies and is adamant that he wants to find a love who looks like the girls in the films.  He is also  determined his future girlfriend should also be intelligent and share his love of fashion.

Can porno and intelligence even go together in the same sentence??  Maybe if you add the word not.
Kayne says,

 “I‘d like to just have someone I can talk to. But the problem for me is I really like porn and that type of like body style and stuff but then I’m really like super Frenchy fashion style type of guy.
“Those two things don’t really go together”

He realizes that porn and fashion don’t go together – what about the intelligence part??  

In the past couple of weeks, Kayne has made some really outrageous statements.  I’m not used to Kayne speaking out so much.  I think I liked it better when he didn’t have so much to say.


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