Heidi and Spencer’s Wedding is NOT Legal!!

heidimontagAfter all the excitement and shock surrounding the SPEIDI wedding that took place in Mexico last week – it turns out it isn’t even legal!!

Newsday reported that the couple acknowledged the wedding ceremony was not legally binding and was symbolic.  Or as I see it – it was getting a little quiet over at the Hills and Heidi and Spencer wanted some press.

These two are unbelievable – they upset their families with the announcement that they eloped. Why?? They have to re-do it anyway in order for it to be legal.

Mexican law requires that a marriage license and a separate civil ceremony are required in order to make the union binding. The process in Mexico takes about 5 days. A health certificate, blood tests from a local doctor and birth certificates are needed prior to getting married.

My words of advice for Heidi – Run for Your Life. It’s Not Too Late!! It isn’t legal yet!!

Do you think they’ll even bother making it legal??? My guess is probably not!

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