Brad Pitt is Making It Right in New Orleans!!

Photo Courtesy of Architectural Digest

Photo Courtesy of Architectural Digest

Brad Pitt is really helping out in New Orleans.  Thanks to his Make It Right project he has been able to make good in helping the Hurricane Katrina-ravaged part of New Orleans.   A number of architects, residents and community leaders who have joined the rebuilding process, as well.

Brad is very modest in his interview with Architectural Digest,

“I never had any idea that so many people would show up for this.  The model works and it’s replicable.”

The Make It Right Foundation’s goal is to build 150 new homes for residents in the area among those hit hardest during the 2005 hurricane. So far, six homes have been constructed.

Pitt also stated, “We’ve cracked something here … these houses redefine affordable housing.  This is a proving ground for a bigger idea that could work globally.”

Throughout the past year, the foundation has continued to assist victims of the hurricane in regaining a sense of normality – and a sense of home.  

“You have no idea what a high it is for me to see the delight on people’s faces when they see how these homes work.”

Katrina victims have been waiting a long time to get back to their homes.  Who better to welcome them but Brad Pitt!!


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