John Mayer is Having a Bakeoff!!

Well this is definitely a different side of John Mayer. John posted some photos of some of the cakes that he and his family baked over Thanksgiving. They actually look really good!

John Meyer's Thanksgiving Cake

John Meyer's Thanksgiving Cake That He Baked

John is dedicating his blog to the spirit of the holidays. And according to him – the best way to harness that spirit is through baking cakes.

Straight from his blog:

I will debut my first of several festive holiday cakes this Saturday night. I invite everyone reading this to join me in the simple joy of expression through baking, and to send me photos of your delicious creations. You think I’m crazy now, but once you apply the last dollop of frosting, or that finishing touch of icing, you’ll understand that there’s just no hiding from the feeling.

John has set up an e-mail address,, so that all of his fans can show off their own baked goods.  He will post the best cakes on his blog, and the one that John deems the most beautiful will win an autographed signature series Fender Stratocaster guitar.

Sounds good!! Let the baking begin.


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