Taylor Swift Lived on a Christmas Tree Farm

taylor-swiftTaylor Swift made an appearance on Jay Leno last night to perform her hit song, ‘White Horse’ and to tell all about being raised on a Christmas Tree Farm. 

As Taylor tells it,

“I was too young to help with the hauling of the trees up the hills and putting them onto cars. So, it was my job to pull off the preying mantis pods off of the Christmas trees. The problem with that is if you leave them on there, people bring them into their house. I forgot to check one time and they hatched all over these people’s house. And there were hundreds of thousands of them. And they had little kids, and they couldn’t kill of them because that’d be a bad Christmas.”

Oh boy – can you imagine having all those preying mantis in your home – especially during the holidays.  Just thinking about it gives me a panic attack!!


2 responses to “Taylor Swift Lived on a Christmas Tree Farm

  1. swift taylor u’re verry cute i love your face..

  2. wow taylor is hilarious, great, and an awesome role model!!! i love her!! and her songs!! ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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