The Jonas Brothers Sure Are Busy and Staying Together!!

jonasbrothersI love reading celebrity blogs.  Its so weird to read them and realize that they are real people who also become star struck at times.  Take the Jonas Brothers’ blog – they mention that they rushed to the special concert for the Nominations of the GRAMMY AWARDS. They stated,

We knew that John Mayer was performing so we really wanted to go. We finished filming our TV show for the day and raced to the awards so that we wouldn’t miss the concert.”

So what have they been so busy with:

  • The American Music Awards – where they won an award
  • House of Blues Free Concert – also performing were Demi Lovato, Dan Akroyd, Jesse McCartney, Franki J, Jordin Sparks, and Honor Society
  • The Tonight Show
  • The Jimmy Kimmel Show
  • Thanksgiving Half Time Show at the Dallas Cowboys game
  • Good Morning America
  • Las Vegas for 2 concerts
  • Nomination ceremony for the Grammy awards – where they were nominated by there fellow musicians for Best New Artist

 Wow – that is CRAZY busy.  But loads of fun.

Besides all that – they are also busy filming their new TV show Jonas.

They also made sure to mention that they recently heard a rumor that one of them was leaving the band – IT IS NOT TRUE!!   In their own words:



“We love what we are doing and hope to do it together for a long time.”

Another great thing about reading the celebrity blogs – you can find out the truth – no doubts!!


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