Crazy Pregnancy Rumors for Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria Parker and Friends


Victoria Beckham says she and her famous friends – Katie Holmes, Eva Longoria Parker and Kate Beckinsale — love to joke about crazy pregnancy rumors.

In the January issue of Harper’s Baazar, Victoria stated:

“You get a little water retention; it’s not news.  Me, Katie, Eva and Kate always joke about how one of us is allegedly pregnant, but no, we’re just a little bloated today! None of us is pregnant.”

I guess at some point they get so tired of hearing all of the crazy rumors that there is nothing left to do but laugh it off and joke about it.

As far as more children, Victoria Beckham would love to have more children – especially a girl.  She currently has three boys – Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.   That house has way too much testosterone for a fashionista like Victoria.

Victoria even admits the following:

“I’m such a girl’s girl.   I walk into my closet and go, ‘Crikey!’ To one day hand that down to another girl….”

Is anyone familiar with the term Crikey??  I’m not sure what it means – but it definitely sounds interesting.

Victoria also discussed her image:

” Before events I go into hair and makeup, and I turn into ‘Victoria Beckham.’ I’ll try on all my dresses, and I’ll pick out a handbag, and I’ll put on shades. I instantly turn into into this person, and it sort of feels like a character. And there are so many pictures of it…But it’s a true character because it’s still me.”

She fixes herself up anytime she leaves the house.

“If I go to the supermarket looking like s–t, that affects my work. I am selling an image.  Plus, I have fun with it.”

I have friends like that – they will not leave their house without makeup.  I wish I could be more like that – I have tried- but I usually go back to just being happy that I have gotten out of the house – yet alone applied my mascara and blush.


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