Another Restraining Order in Hollywood


First we heard that Jennifer Garner obtained a restraining order, then it was Kirsten Dunst and now we have Alyssa Milano (former Who’s the Boss sweetheart) in the process of seeking a restraining order.

How awful!! The three ladies put themselves in the public eye by doing what they love – acting.  To think that being in the public eye can be so dangerous.   Being followed by photographers is one thing but actually being stalked is frightening.

Alyssa Milano is seeking a restraining order against a man that she claims has been harassing her.  Milan wrote in the court documents:

“I fear for my personal safety, and that of my family and friends,” 

The legal papers accuse Jeff Turner of hiking miles to reach Alyssa’s Los Angeles home, bypassing several security measures to do so.  Milano also states that Turner has displayed “increasingly threatening behavior.”  She is seeking court protection not only for herself, but for her parents and brother as well.

A January hearing has been scheduled to discuss the matter.


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