Kate Hudson Cutting Back on Christmas

kate-hudson-14The tough economic times is hitting everywhere – even Hollywood.   Kate Hudson has said that she is feeling the pressure to cut back on spending – just like everyone else.

“I think it’s a really weird time and I think that everyone is feeling it,”

Instead of buying expensive gifts Kate says her family relies on handmade presents to save money and to keep things more personal. 

As years past, Kate and son, Ryder, are going to be spending the holidays in Colorado skiing. Would that be considered cutting back?

I love to read about the actors/actresses doing their part by not spending as much money on the holidays. What are the going to do with the $10+ milliion they get from their films – storing it under the mattress is definitely not going to help the economy.

What do you think – ridiculous??

“We’ve always been pretty crafty anyway. We all knit. The girls knit. This year I’m doing these great big knit…well, actually I shouldn’t even talk about it because I can’t say it!”


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