Does Whitney Port Really Work on Her New Show The City??

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The question of the day is “Does Whitney Port (former Hills co-star – current star of The City) really work on her reality series, The City, or is it just an act??

So much for reality.  According to the Fashionista, they spoke to an anonymous source who claims that Whitney really does not work.  Here is some of the conversation:

The Fashionista: “No, but I think Whitney actually does work at DVF. People saw her at the DVF show in September, like organizing models backstage with a clipboard.”

Girl: “Hm, weird, because she kind of doesn’t.”

The Fashionista: “Hm?”

Girl: “Well, she just goes into the office to shoot scenes like she works there, like what they did on The Hills. Actually, it’s kind of sad. When they film her spots, they make the girls that actually work there move from their desks and into some cubicles in another part of the floor, because they’re actually working, but the camera people want Whitney and her on-screen work friend to look like they have real desks.”

The Fashionista: “They make the people who really work there give up their desks in the middle of the day so The City can shoot?”

Girl: “Yeah. And when the scenes are done, Whitney leaves. She doesn’t really work there.”

What do you think – do you think it is possible that reality tv is not really reality??


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