T.R. Knight (aka ‘George’) Leaving Grey’s Anatomy

It’s official.  T.R. Knight, Sweet George O’Malley from Grey’s Anatomy,  is outta here!! 

After much speculation and trying to do damage control after Crazy Days and Nights, a blog written by an entertainment lawyer, cited a source saying Knight had already bid farewell to his hair and makeup people.  

T.R. Knight was trying to get out of his Grey’s Anatomy contract amid reports of a growing frustration with his storyline.

Who can blame him – he hasn’t had much of a storyline lately.  There was opportunity with the Lexi Grey crush – but then nothing!!

Entertainment Weekly reported show runner Shonda Rhimes was “working on the details” to accommodate the disgrunted actor and plot an exit strategy.

What’s going to happen from here – will Katherine Heigl try and jump ship too.  She was causing quite the stir a while back when she said she wasn’t happy with her character.

I will never understand how actors/actresses jump ship from their television shows thinking the grass is greener on the other side.  Think David Caruso from NYPD.  He left at the height of his career and never seemed to gain the same level of fame.  In any case –  good luck to T.R. Knight.   I hope you know what you are doing.

One response to “T.R. Knight (aka ‘George’) Leaving Grey’s Anatomy

  1. Wow… That makes the ending sound more legit. They do have it great on his show and maybe he could have talked it over with the writers. So who knows… I will miss him.

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