Why Is Everyone Still Interested in DeAnna Pappas??

deannapappasI have to say – I don’t know the answer to my own question.  For some reason – I find myself still interested in Deanna Pappas and I don’t know why.  Is it because she seemed so down to earth on the Bachelorette – like she could be one of your friends?

Deanna answered some of questions that people have been asking her.  See her responses in bold.

Did you really want to fall in love?   I really want love and have always wanted love. 

Where do you live?   I live in Newnan, Georgia, in a house I bought 2 years ago. 

Favorite Color?   Green

Favorite Food?   I love mexican food and, of course, Greek grub is high up on the list. 

Coolest Vacation Spot:   The coolest vacation spot I’ve experienced is Italy, I loved the fact that it was so new & outside of my comfort zone.

Do you end a bad date with a kiss?  I definitely don’t end a bad date with a kiss! 

If anyone can tell me why they are interested in Deanna Pappas – please fill me in??  Leave a comment and let me know what is it that keeps us coming back for more?


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