Tom Cruise Sings??

tom-cruise1We have all seen Tom Cruise play an action hero, jump on couches – but has anyone ever heard him sing?  I have never had the honor of hearing Tom Cruise sing (i’m not sure if I even want to) but he recently told Entertainment Tonite Canada:

“I always wanted to do a musical, and I’m glad musicals are now back in vogue,” says the self-proclaimed Sound of Music fan. “I gotta sing, I gotta dance and I’m going to figure all that out.”

As far as starring in a movie opposite his wife Katie Holmes?

“I would love it. Look at Newman and Woodward: if you find the right project … I’m not opposed to doing that. I love her work as an actress.”

Cruise, who told the show that he has seen Holmes 20 times in her Broadway debut, All My Sons, has even considered following his wife to the stage.

What do you think – would you like to see Tom Cruise on Broadway or in a musical??  The jury is out on this one.

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