Good Deeds by the Stars!!

I have read numerous articles on how our favorite celebrities are cutting back on their holiday spending – and to be honest – I am getting a bit annoyed. Is it me or do you think they are making sure to say this so that the “average” person who is suffering through these tough economic times can relate??

If it is so that we can relate to them – I have to say – i don’t relate and it just makes me angry. I don’t make $20 million for a couple of months work. I probably will not even make $20 million in my lifetime.

I found an article on US and decided to write about the stars that give back.

  • Brad Pitt – Make It Right Foundation – a New Orleans foundation that has raised money to fund the re-building for those who lost their homes during Hurricane Katrina
  • Jennifer Aniston – Fund Raising for Saint Judes hospital – since its inception in 2004
  • Eva Longoria ParkerEva’s heroes, an afterschool program for those children with special needs and Padres Contra El Cancer, a program which helps Latino children stricken with Cancer.
  • Sarah Michelle-Gellar – CARE – a program aimed at fighting poverty, through education, health and social reform.
  • Chris Rock – Salvation Army – Rock works with the Salvation Army in Bushwick, Brooklyn (his hometown)
  • Hillary Duff – gives kids who get federally funded meals during the week backpacks of food to take home for the weekend. Duff has been buying meals for 2 years.

It is so nice to see how some of our favorite celebrities are giving back rather than saying they are cutting back. Giving back makes more sense – what do you think???


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