Matthew McConaughey Just Keeps Livin!!

From Matthew's MySpace page

From Matthew's MySpace page

Matthew McConaughey has updated his MySpace page. It sounds like he has been having a blast traveling. Read what Matthew has to say on his MySpace page:

Hey all,

Back on the west coast after some incredible travels…cool inspirations seen and done via the road and had some real just keep livin (jkl) moments along the way…

-Took a 14 day road trip with my buddy Gus down to southern Baja. He and I became great friends on the road 16 years ago and we needed to get back on track with our friendship and do some of that old fashioned phi-loso-phising that only a road trip can render…we needed it, we got it, thanks Gus…j.k. livin

-We broke down in the middle of the desert while on that trip, in a place where we hadn’t seen nor heard another human for three days. I had to jog down a dirt road for a couple of hours in hope of finding a trace of anyone…Well, I finally did, and her name was “Matty”, an 82 year old Mexican woman who loaned me (a complete stranger speaking broken Spanish), her 1981 Isuzu truck with 263,000 miles on it. That truck got us to a place where we could get the gear to fix MY truck and get back on the road…Thanks Matty….just keep livin….Good hearted strangers and trust….cool

-After 4,206 miles of camping across America, I was once again reminded of how good looking this country is…saw family and friends, met strangers, made acquaintances…I was in some predominately “red” states when President-elect Obama was elected. I talked to a bunch of people who had voted for McCain and-check this- unanimously, those same people were genuinely excited and hopeful about Obama being elected…They all felt that the country had spoken in earnest, electing Obama, and they were more than “ready for the ride”, they were ready to get into the action…cool…j.k. livin

– I spent my 39th birthday on the southern rim of the Grand Canyon…almost got “butted” of the edge by a ram and caught some shooting stars…as for the first sight of the GC, mother nature created something that looks so fake, its real….cool

-We decided to put a “dime of every dollar” j.k. livin brands makes into the j.k. livin foundation. We appreciate the online sales so far and know that we put a lot of time into each product choice and we believe in the message that no matter what, we gotta “just keep livin.” …Now, a piece of every purchase is helping some kids who need it, do the same…Check out for more info about the store and foundation…appreciate it…cool…j.k. givin

-Getting into some new music, best album front to back I’ve heard in a while is the new Kings of Leon, “Only by the Night”….good music….cool…j.k. listenin’

-I went to Brazil for the first time to visit my lady’s family and tour the land a bit…Found a very proud and happy culture there. We ate, we drank, we danced, and they tolerated my stumbling through the Portuguese language….I will return, beautiful country, beautiful and classy people…thanks Brazil…cool

just keep livin, mcconaughey


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