Brad and Jen at it Again!!


Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are at it again. Only this time its at the box-office.

According to People Magazine, the former couple both had movies in competition for the top spot on Christmas Day, and while Jen’s film, Marley & Me, pulled in the most money, both movies were winners at the box office.

Jen’s, Marley & Me, a feel-good movie costarring Owen Wilson about a young family and mischievous dog, grossed $14.8 million, the highest one-day total ever for a film opening on Christmas.

Brad’s movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button wasn’t far behind. The film, about the life-long romance between a man who ages in reverse (Pitt) and a woman (Cate Blanchett), set the record for the second-highest Christmas opening of all-time with $11.8 million.

Both films exceeded box office expectations by 40-50 percent.

It’s good to see Jen came out ahead this time!!


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