Eva Longoria Admits that Marriage Is Work

Eva Longoria Parker, speaks out about marriage in the February issue of Glamour Magazine,

“Marriage is a commitment, so you always have to work at it. For us, just juggling schedules is the biggest obstacle we have, and we don’t even really have a problem with that either.”

Eva also admits to being more of a  traditional wife than one might expect.

“I love having dinner ready and making sure his clothes are ironed and that he’s packed and ready when he goes on road trips.  I’m the gardener [in our relationship]. I definitely nurture. [Tony] is the flower. But there are times when Tony takes care of me — in an emotional sense, like, okay, let me take the reins on this one. But I love to take care of him. I’m really a very ’50s housewife.”

When it comes to fairy tale endings, however, Eva is uncertain.

“I take it day by day.  Tony and I would love to be together forever. But the only way you get to forever is one day at a time.”

I like the idea of one day at a time – I just don’t understand why so many Hollywood personalities can’t say yes to forever without putting a BUT in the sentence.


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