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Happy Holidays From DeAnna Pappas


DeAnna Pappas, one of the new hosts of  Get Married, has updated her blog with well wishes for the holidays. 

Some of DeAnna’s blog is below:

“I just wanted to wish every one a very happy holiday season. I do hope that everyone gets all they have wished for. I also hope that the New Year brings nothing but wonderful things for you all!

The holidays are such an important time of year for me and my family. We always get together and eat lots of food!! We also use that time to be with each other and be thankful that we have one another.

This year has been so wonderful to me. I am so thankful for where my life has led me. I am thankful for the relationships that I have formed in the last year, and I am thankful for the wonderful things that have come my way. Although, 2008 has definitely had it’s up’s and down’s for me…I am definitely looking forward to 2009. I don’t ever make “New Year’s resolutions”…but, this year I am definitely hoping to fall madly in love with the person that is right for me, I am hoping to travel a lot and see the world from a new perspective, and most of all…I am looking forward to a great year here at Get Married!

Happy Holidays and I hope you all have a wonderful New Year!!!

I am curious as to how the show will do with DeAnna as a co-host.  I am already married – but plan on watching it just to see DeAnna.

What about you – anyone out there plan on watching her on January 5th??

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Police Investigating Death of Jett Travolta

There hasn’t been too much said about the death of John Travolta’s son, Jett Travolta, since the news first came out.

What little that could be found doesn’t add much to what  has already been reported.  

The family has yet to release any further information about the accident, but police have launched a full-blown investigation.

Initial reports suggested that Jett was not discovered for hours after the seizure, but John Travolta’s lawyer and close friend, Michael McDermott, and family attorney Michael Ossi, both of whom are with John in the Bahamas, claim otherwise.

McDermott and Ossi say it is still unclear if Jett fell to the floor as a result of a seizure or if he had a seizure after falling or slipping. There was blood on the floor of the bathroom, but “not a tremendous amount,” reports TMZ.

Either way there was only a short window of time between his fall and the seizure, says McDermott. And the ambulance was called right after. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The autoposy is scheduled for Monday and John Travolta has made arrangements with a funeral home in the Bahamas to ship Jett’s body on Tuesday, presumably to their family home in Florida.

Losing a child is one of the hardest things to deal with. Our hearts and thoughts are with John Travolta and family at this time.

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Jennifer Aniston Prefers Dogs!!

I’m sure that John Mayer will be happy to hear that his girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston, prefers dogs to men.

According to Contactmusic, Jen admits nothing can compare to the companionship of her faithful hounds.
Jen says,

“Men come and go but there really is no relationship like the one you have with a dog – and then they don’t live as long as they should. You have to say goodbye way too soon. It’s just so sad. It makes me so sad. But their love is unconditional and I love that.”

I could see her point about the unconditional love – but nice conversation has to count for something. Doesn’t it??

Amy Winehouse in Talks to Design Her Own Fashion Line??


Scary but true.

According to The Sun, Amy Winehouse is said to be in talks with executives at Fred Perry to produce her own line and has already come up with a series of sketches of her ideas,

A source tells the Sun, “She was almost childishly excited and couldn’t stop talking about it.”

I can’t wait to see if this is actually going to happen. I have NEVER seen Amy wear an outfit that I would be caught dead wearing.  What do you think – have you ever seen Amy wear a nice, stylish outfit??

Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson Still Going At It!!


And not in a good way. It seems these two are always fighting!!

According to Page 6, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson rang in the new year with a nasty fistfight.

With both of their families present at a party in Miami, Lindsay and Sam just started fighting.

Yet again, on New Year’s Eve, the couple went nuclear and started screaming at each other while hosting a party at Mansion.

After Lindsay and Sam went back to the hotel, several sources heard crashing sounds and screaming coming from their room until the fight spilled out into the hallways at about 11 a.m.

A source is quoted as saying,

“They were punching each other – it was bad.”

Several hours later, still fighting, Lindsay and Sam tried to board an American Airlines flight back to Los Angeles. Lindsay was said to be such a mess before takeoff that flight attendants asked her if she’d like to disembark. She refused.

A rep for Lohan said,

“There was an argument – I don’t know the details – but they left for LA together and it’s fine.”

I would have thought this was all for publicity but this is taking it to a new level if it is in fact to keep their name in the news.

Doesn’t sound too good. Based on the history of romance, this sounds like a relationship heading for the end. What do you think?? Do you think the two will make it in 2009??

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