Happy Holidays From DeAnna Pappas


DeAnna Pappas, one of the new hosts of  Get Married, has updated her blog with well wishes for the holidays. 

Some of DeAnna’s blog is below:

“I just wanted to wish every one a very happy holiday season. I do hope that everyone gets all they have wished for. I also hope that the New Year brings nothing but wonderful things for you all!

The holidays are such an important time of year for me and my family. We always get together and eat lots of food!! We also use that time to be with each other and be thankful that we have one another.

This year has been so wonderful to me. I am so thankful for where my life has led me. I am thankful for the relationships that I have formed in the last year, and I am thankful for the wonderful things that have come my way. Although, 2008 has definitely had it’s up’s and down’s for me…I am definitely looking forward to 2009. I don’t ever make “New Year’s resolutions”…but, this year I am definitely hoping to fall madly in love with the person that is right for me, I am hoping to travel a lot and see the world from a new perspective, and most of all…I am looking forward to a great year here at Get Married!

Happy Holidays and I hope you all have a wonderful New Year!!!

I am curious as to how the show will do with DeAnna as a co-host.  I am already married – but plan on watching it just to see DeAnna.

What about you – anyone out there plan on watching her on January 5th??

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