New Year’s Alone For Guy Ritchie

According to Contact Music, GUY RITCHIE saw in a lonely 2009 at his English country manor. His divorce from MADONNA was finalized on January 3rd.  Just a few days after their would be – 8th anniversary.  That couldn’t have been easy for him.  Especially since the former pair called a truce after Christmas and spent time together with the kids.

A source is quoted as saying,

“He was surprised at how friendly and natural it felt. I suppose it got him wondering whether they could have handled things differently.”

Some think Guy is not taking the divorce as easily as initially thought. If spending New Years alone is an indicator I would have to agree.

If you look at most break-ups – men tend to do really well in the beginning. Once they have had a couple of months and realize that the relationship is over – that is when the “What Have I Done?” usually kicks in.  I guess this is the case for Guy Ritchie as well.  What do you think??


One response to “New Year’s Alone For Guy Ritchie

  1. I really thought Madonna and Guy Richie would last longer than that…

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