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Jett Travolta Killed by Seizure

Jett Travolta’s death certificate listed the cause of death as a ‘seizure’.

Tragic. That’s the only word I can think of to describe this nightmare. Tragic.


Taylor Swift Blogs About SNL

Courtesy of MySpace Celebrity Taylor Swift's Blog

Courtesy of MySpace Celebrity Taylor Swift's Blog

Taylor Swift has taken to her blog to talk about her cat snoring (not too interesting) and her upcoming SNL appearance.

Here is some of her blog:

” I just found out that I get to play on Saturday Night Live!! January 10th! It’s my mom’s birthday, and I don’t think either of us would’ve believed you if you would’ve told us a few years ago that we’d get to spend her birthday in New York City— at Saturday Night Live! Wow. It’s pretty unreal.”

She speaks about her upcoming tour:

Things are coming along quite nicely with the tour planning. I’m SO SO SO excited for it to all come together. Yesterday, my stage designer brought over a model he made of the stage that looked like a puppet show. So, besides the fact that it’s my dream stage scaled down to a small and adorable size…. it was also fun to play with. Which even further confirms that it’s my dream stage. I’ve worked up most of the musical arrangements and transitions between songs. I can’t wait for you to see this show. I can’t wait for this summer tour.

And I love you, I love you, I love you.


Jett Travolta’s Autopsy is Over

Photo courtesy of Travolta Family

Photo courtesy of Travolta Family

The autopsy of Jett Travolta, son of John Travolta and Kelly Preston has been completed in the Bahamas.

While the official results have yet to been publicly announced, E! News has reported that a source confirmed that the preliminarily report determined

“There is no foul play.”

“It is not a suspicious death. The body wouldn’t already be turned over to the mortuary if there was anything suspicious,” the source said. “There is no foul play.”

If anything other than an accident or natural causes was responsible for the teen’s death, the body would have been held at the hospital for further tests and toxicology screenings.

A funeral service is expected Wednesday in Ocala, Fla., where the Travoltas have a home.

Oprah Blames Weight Gain on Food

In addition to Oprah’s thyroid being under active (hypo-thyroid), she is also blaming her weight gain on her abuse of food.  That will do it to you every time.  If you eat too much, not enough vegetables, too many vegetables, you name it – you will gain weight.  I speak from experience.

Oprah is ready to do something about it.

With her TV show launching Best Life Week today, Oprah is speaking out on her Website.  When it came to her 40-lb. weight gain,

“It’s not about the food.  It’s about using food – abusing food. Too much work. Not enough play. Not enough time to come down. Not enough time to really relax.”

She adds:

“I am hungry for balance. I’m hungry to do something other than work.” 

Oprah has decided to devote more time from her 14-hour workday schedule to her own well-being, including exercise. It also means she is finished making excuses for herself. 

Oprah has decided to embrace herself and states:

“This is the year of hopefulness.  My goal is to be the weight that my body can hold and be healthy and strong and fit and be itself.

“One of the things I had to learn to do is to embrace this body that I have and be grateful for what this body has given me.  God blessed me and this body. I mean, I could weep right now thinking about the love and appreciation I have for this body. For that, I am truly grateful.”

I was with Oprah about the use and abuse of food and not enough me time.  She had me at the word food.  When she starts discussing the appreciation for “this” body – that is where she lost me.  I too would love to lose weight (20 lbs would be a great start) – but if a person wants to lose weight how can they appreciate their bodies at the same time??  Someone – please explain.

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Fiance Call it Quits


People Magazine has reported that Jennifer Love Hewitt and her fiancé Ross McCall have called it quits.

A source close to the couple is quoted as saying,

“They broke up over the holidays and have ended their engagement.  They’re both really sad about this. Even their friends are surprised; they seemed really happy. Everyone just wants the best for both of them.”

Hewitt’s rep had no immediate comment.

Isn’t this Jennifer’s 2nd engagement??  I remember her being engaged to Carson Daly years ago.  Maybe this is another case of Runaway Bride.  Although rumor has it that Carson broke it off with her.  I hope that is not the case with Ross McCall – Jennifer may get a complex.

Jessica Simpson is a Dallas Cowboy “Wife”

According to US Magazine, Jessica Simpson is officially a part of the Dallas Cowboys family.

She appears in the 2008 Cowboys Family Cookbook, presented by “the wives of the Dallas Cowboys”.  While she isn’t Tony Romo’s wife – she has been dating him for some time.

Jessica and Tony share their favorite family recipes for a “banana breakfast fruit smoothies” and “no-fat broccoli and cherry tomatoes” 

They also let their sense of humors shine through in the book with Jessica listing her occupation as “hairdresser” and Tony stating that he’s a “fence builder.”

Tony also listed  “U2, Coldplay and AC/DC” as among the artists on his iPod (no Jessica Simpson).  He also revealed that his favorite food is “chicken enchiladas.”
I love Tony’s life philosophy?

“Every passing moment is another chance to turn it all around!”

What do you think – should Jessica have been in the cookbook since she is NOT yet a Wife. Or does she know something we don’t?

Oprah Sends Her Condolences to John Travolta

Photo from Reuters - courtesy of John Travolta and Kelly Preston

Photo from Reuters - courtesy of John Travolta and Kelly Preston

I know I keep writing about this story but I can’t help myself.  It is like an accident that everyone slows down for.  Because it is the unimagineable for any parent – I find myself reading, feeling absolutely sick to my stomach and then writing about the loss of Jett Travolta. 

In any case – like all of their fans out there – celebrities are pouring in with their support for John Travolta and Kelly Preston during this awful time.

Oprah is just one of the many celebrities who have expressed their condolences.  Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks have all sent messages of support to the family, and now Billy Ray Cyrus, whose teenage daughter Miley starred alongside Travolta in animated movie Bolt, has sent his condolences to the grief-stricken family.

He tells E! Online,

“Our thoughts and prayers are with John and his family. They’re great human beings and strong people. And, again, our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.”