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Fact or Fiction – Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick Ready to Split??


What do you think – is it just the tabloids making something out of nothing or is there some truth to what the Star (not the most reliable source) has to say about Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick’s marriage.

According to Star Magazine, Sarah Jessica Parker has had enough of her husband’s cheating ways and has begun house hunting in New York City — solo!

Sarah thought she could make it work with Matthew Broderick.  But unfortuately, that doesn’t seem to be the case.  She recently visited a midtown real estate broker to help her find her own place.

“The time has come when she realizes it just isn’t worth it,” a friend of the couple tells Star. “Sarah Jessica is determined to get her own place and bring down the curtain on her marriage.”

Adds another insider: “Sarah’s not stupid. She knows exactly what’s going on. For a while it was easier for her to stay than go through a harsh divorce. They’re essentially living separate lives.”

(I love when “friends” and “insiders” share the most personal information with the tabloids.  With friends like that…. you know the rest.)

Rumor has it the glue in the marriage is the couples 6-year-old son, James Wilkie.

What do you think – these rumors have been around for quite some time – do you think there is any truth to it??



Britney Spear’s Celebrate’s New Years at Brother’s Wedding

Britney Spears rang in the New Year with her sons Jayden James and Preston at her brother Bryan’s intimate wedding in Louisiana.

It was only close family, very small and intimate.

Check out how beautiful (and happy) she looks in the photos posted on her website.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Show a United Front!!


Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are making sure to get out there together and prove all of the tabloid divorce rumors wrong.

The couple, rang in the New Year together in Puerto Rico.

According to People, a reliable source stated that they are seriously considering purchasing property at Trump’s International Gulf Club Puerto Rico, where they took a tour over the holiday.

As to the fact they they have been arguing:
Both of their reps tell PEOPLE that the couple are “great,”
Insiders indicate that their marriage isn’t perfect.

“They have been having problems, like in any marriage,” says one. “They’ve been arguing.”

The likely cause? The growing pains naturally associated with raising 10-month-old twins Max and Emme.

“The marriage is experiencing frustrations because of the added stress of the twins,” says another source familiar with the situation, “but they will work things out. They love each other, and that will dictate what happens. I don’t think divorce is in the picture.”

Is there any couple out there that doesn’t argue?? I would love to meet you – because I don’t know of any couple, friend, family that do not argue.

I don’t know if there is any truth to the divorce rumor but they sure are working hard at showing a “united” front. It makes you wonder.

More From Brad Pitt About Jen Vs. Angelina

When will this he said, she said stuff stop.

As long as we keep writing about it – probably never!!

Brad Pitt speaks to W Magazine and says forget any potential catfight between ex, Jennifer Aniston and his current partner, Angelina Jolie

Despite Jennifer’s recent comment to Vogue Magazine in which she called Angelina “really uncool” for revealing how Angelina couldn’t wait to go to work with the married actor on Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Pitt states in the February issue of W magazine,

 “Listen, man, Jen is a sweetheart. I think she got dragged into that one, and then there’s a second round to all of that Angie versus Jen. It’s so created.”

Brad also says of Jennifer,

“We still check in with each other. She was a big part of my life, and me hers. I don’t see how there cannot be [that]. That’s life, man. That’s life.”

As for his take on what took place with Jolie off-camera during the 2003 Mr. & Mrs. Smith shoot, he says,

“What people don’t understand is that we filmed for a year. We were still filming after Jen and I split up. Even then it doesn’t mean that there was some kind of dastardly affair. There wasn’t.”

He adds, “I’m very proud of the way that it was handled. It was respectful. [The film] will mean something to our kids. It will, that’s all.”

And so the saga continues. Let’s hope that’s the end of this story.

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Family and Friends Speak About Jett Travolta

Photo from People.com

Photo from People.com

While John Travolta and Kelly Preston struggle to cope with their grief over the sudden death of their 16-year-old son Jett, family and friends are remembering the teen as a cheerful boy who shared his dad’s passions for flying and sailing and whose bond with his parents and sister Ella Bleu, 8, was exceptionally close.

John’s attorney tells People Magazine,



According to a family friend, the family traveled everywhere as a “unit of four”.

“John and Jett were always riding in the golf cart together and going up in the ultralight plane and just being together. Jett liked the water and he swam like a fish.”

A memorial service is planned for Thursday in the family’s hometown of Ocala, Fla.

“Jett looked at John as if he was the sun and the moon,”
“And John reciprocated.”

Britney Spears Officially Has No Control

It’s official – Britney Spears no longer has any control of herself.  How sad is that.

According to Access Hollywood, court papers were filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday, making a judge’s October ruling (which made the conservatorship over Britney permanent) official.

The conservatorship over the pop star legally began on January 5, 2009.

The agreement gives permanent control of the pop star’s finances to her father, Jamie Spears, along with attorney Andrew Wallet. While Jamie is sole conservator over Britney’s personal matters.

The papers state the following:

Britney’s finances:

“is substantially unable to manage … her financial resources or to resist fraud or undue influence.”

Britney’s personal life:

“is unable properly to provide for his or her personal needs for physical health, food, clothing, or shelter.”

Britney’s nightmare:

Jamie Spears now has “the power to restrict and limit visitors by any means.”

I can’t imagine living my life (especially being a multi-trillionaire, having been married, divorced, having 2 children) as an adult – with my father having the authority to still “control” my life.

Supposedly Britney does not object to the arrangement. Or maybe her father told her not to object. What do you think??

The ‘Bachelor’ – Episode Two Preview

Access Hollywood was nice enough to give an update on Episode Two of the Bachelor with Jason Mesnick and I just have to share.

Here are the highlights:

Number of one-on-one dates: 2

Celebrity Showing: Robin Thick at the Walt Disney Concert Hall

Bachelor Twist: Some of the woman will not get a date at all before Jason has his next rose ceremony.

Surprises: Jason pays an unannounced visit to the ladies’ villa. He is attempting to catch the women off guard in order to find the right one to complete his family.

Catty Behavior: One Bachelorette throws ice cubes to break up his conversation with another woman on the balcony.

First Kiss of the Season: The woman who is given the 1st impression rose in episode 2.

Group Date: Jason surprises eight women with a stretch limo and a night on the town – Hollywood style. The ladies are treated to a high fashion shopping spree on Jason. From there, it’s on to a picturesque rooftop pool with a view of the Sunset Strip. The bachelorettes continue to show off for the Bachelor with an impromptu talent show, and one woman steals him away for a kiss. Not to be outdone, another woman takes charge and gets a kiss of her own.

Clash: Two ladies clash about not getting enough Jason time.

Surprise Moment: One bachelorette exits the show in the middle of a party!

Number of Remaining Bachelorettes at the End of the Night: 12

Most Important Thing to Watch – How Many Woman Does Jason Kiss: 3

It always amazes me how much kissing actually takes place – I’ve decided to keep count this season.

Anyone else in??