The ‘Bachelor’ – Episode Two Preview

Access Hollywood was nice enough to give an update on Episode Two of the Bachelor with Jason Mesnick and I just have to share.

Here are the highlights:

Number of one-on-one dates: 2

Celebrity Showing: Robin Thick at the Walt Disney Concert Hall

Bachelor Twist: Some of the woman will not get a date at all before Jason has his next rose ceremony.

Surprises: Jason pays an unannounced visit to the ladies’ villa. He is attempting to catch the women off guard in order to find the right one to complete his family.

Catty Behavior: One Bachelorette throws ice cubes to break up his conversation with another woman on the balcony.

First Kiss of the Season: The woman who is given the 1st impression rose in episode 2.

Group Date: Jason surprises eight women with a stretch limo and a night on the town – Hollywood style. The ladies are treated to a high fashion shopping spree on Jason. From there, it’s on to a picturesque rooftop pool with a view of the Sunset Strip. The bachelorettes continue to show off for the Bachelor with an impromptu talent show, and one woman steals him away for a kiss. Not to be outdone, another woman takes charge and gets a kiss of her own.

Clash: Two ladies clash about not getting enough Jason time.

Surprise Moment: One bachelorette exits the show in the middle of a party!

Number of Remaining Bachelorettes at the End of the Night: 12

Most Important Thing to Watch – How Many Woman Does Jason Kiss: 3

It always amazes me how much kissing actually takes place – I’ve decided to keep count this season.

Anyone else in??


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