Ellen DeGeneres WILL Find Anne Hathaway Mr. Right!!


Anne Hathaway was on the Ellen DeGeneres show today.  A decision I am sure she is now second guessing.  Especially since Ellen offered her services:

“If you need someone, I will find you a boyfriend.  I’m really good at it.”

“You don’t even have to date,” advises DeGeneres, “You can go straight to commitment.”

After splitting last year from her longtime beau Raffaello Follieri – who pleaded guilty in September to more than a dozen counts of money laundering and fraud – Hathaway has since hinted (but revealed nothing more) about a possible new love interest.

Anne credits her sense of humor (and she is funny about it).

 “At this point I would just like him to be law abiding,” says Anne, adding: “2008 was the year I learned to have a sense of humor about everything.”

Anne knew that the paparazzi were on her tail in the hope of catching a shot of her crying – and she refused to have them catch that shot.

“So I went to a friend’s house,” recalls Anne. “It was the first moment I could let go, and I remember sinking onto her living room floor. She came and gave me the biggest hug, and my brother was there and everyone was just surrounding me giving me so much love.”

Anne goes onto say:

“And good things come from it. I feel like, also in 2008, the whole experience made me so much closer to my family. I feel like I’m a better friend, because I had to receive so much love in 2008, so I really understand what it is now to give it. It was really a transformative experience in a lot of good ways.”

When Ellen tells her not to regret it, Hathaway replies,

“And, never do it again.”

They say laughter is the best medicine.  If you can look at a situation and be able to laugh then you are in a good place.  What do you think?


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