Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt Speak Out on EVERYTHING!!

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt interview each other in this week’s US Magazine. 

They discuss everything from their cravings to their diets to working out and of course to Kendra’s husband to be Hank Bassett. 

Most of the interview revolves around food.  What do you eat for breakfast, what’s your favorite lunch food, etc.  Both Kendra and Bridget love blt’s. 

Kendra states,

“I love BLTs! I love BLTs with cheese and chips in it! I could seriously eat a sandwich, I could just have a toasted sourdough with chips in it, and I’ll be fine. That’ll be my sandwich.”

Bridget goes onto say,

“You know what other food I’m addicted to? Peppercinis.”

I’m not sure what peppercinis are – I have never had them. Has anyone ever tasted them?

As for Kendra’s upcoming wedding:

Kendra: I’m waiting for Hank to come down here when he’s done with his football and help me plan the wedding.

Bridget: It’s going to still be at the mansion, right?

Kendra: Yeah, we’re going to do our thing and walk it. We’re going to choose together, you know? We might do something in San Diego. We’re still thinking about it. He’s never really been to L.A. so he’s going to be with me and we’re going to walk the grounds. We’re going to walk to places and choose together where we’re going to get married. Do everything together. I’m bringing him to the mansion.

Bridget: And you choose your colors, right? They’re still going to be pink and white?

Kendra: Oh my god! Ever since we got engaged, I’ve been switching colors. I keep saying pink and white, but then I look in magazines, and I’m like, “Oh my god, look at midnight blue and white!”

Check out USMAGAZINE for the full interview.


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