John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston Make Sweet Music

According to Star Magazine (i’ll make my usual blanket statment – remember the source), Jennifer Aniston wrote a poem for Christmas for John Mayer. As a surprise New Year’s gift, he recorded it as a song. How sweet is that!!

The poem/lyrics are as follows:

Lucky in love, lucky in love
Didn’t forget me when I asked you to leave me. (Guess that clarifies who dumped whom!)
Didn’t forget me
Now you’re alongside me
You’ve brought luck to love
I’ve been hit by a truck in love

John surprised Jen with the tune during their trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, over New Year’s.

A source stated that Jen said,

 ‘It was only a little something I wrote down for you, and you made it beautiful.’ And then she joked, ‘Do I get the publishing rights?’ “

Do you like the poem/song??  Do you believe that Jen really wrote the poem??


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