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Bono to Write for the NY Times



That was my first reaction. Don’t get me wrong I love U2, I love Bono – but writing for the NY Times??

It is going to be an opinion column in The New York Times, where Bono will air his views on a diverse range of topics.

According to Times editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal, the column will not be a regular feature, but will appear occasionally.

Andrew say,



Bono has been a key player in raising awareness about the African AIDS epidemic. He will also record a podcast for The Times.

I can’t wait to read what Bono has to say, what about you?? Are you going to look for his column??

“(Bono) is an extraordinary man who thinks deeply about his art and the major issues confronting the world.”


Golden Globe Highlights


Rather than providing a list of all of the winners for the Golden Globe Awards, I have decided to go with a summary of the evening and some highlights. Of course – I will provide a link to the winners for anyone that may be interested.

Jennifer Lopez, who looked fabulous in her very revealing gold gown, arrived with Marc Lopez but once again no wedding ring on her finger. Of course – this peaks the our interest since this is supposed to be a “sign” that their marriage is not doing well. Now we are all just confused – are they at the breaking point or not??

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were both shut out and neither received the new Golden Globe – but on the positive side – they have each other. What more could you ask for??  That is an award in itself.

Heath Ledger won a Golden Globe for best supporting actor for his role as the Joker in the Dark Knight. He also expected to receive an Oscar nomination on January 22nd, – the 1st anniversary of his untimely death.

Some of the funnier moments included a speech by Tina Fey who stated,

“If you ever start to feel too good about yourself, they have this thing called the Internet. You can find a lot of people who don’t like you.” She then listed several screen names of her online critics and told them each to “suck it.”

Gotta love it. Thankfully, I only have good things to say about Tina.

One of the more embarrassing moments had to be for Rumer Willis. Her mom, DemiMoore was nice enough to reprimand her in front of millions. Demi told Rumor,

“Ru, I’m very proud of you and I love you. And don’t hunch. Shoulders back!”


As promised, here is a link to all of the Golden Globe winners



Gwyneth Paltrow is Opening A Chain of Gyms


GWYNETH PALTROW is teaming up with her personal trainer, Tracy Anderson, to launch a worldwide chain of gyms.
Gwyneth has previously produced and directed an exercise video for Tracy Anderson. Tracy also trains Madonna (Gwyneth’s BFF) – and Gwyneth appears in promotional material for Tracy’s gyms in Los Angeles and New York.

Now the business minded duo are teaming up once more to build a chain of gyms across Europe, Asia and Australia.

A source tells British newspaper the Mail ,

“Tracy and Gwyneth are out to make some serious money. She (Gwyneth) is convinced the studios will be a huge success.”

What do you think – is a gym a good way to make the big bucks?

Sienna Miller is Too Thin For Russell Crowe


Sienna Miller was supposed to co-star in the upcoming movie Nottingham but her co-star Russell Crowe felt she was too slender to play his love interest.

I guess it’s easier to get a co-star with some meat on her then it is to lose weight. 

Sienna and Russell were due to star in Nottingham, which tells the story of English outlaw Robin Hood.

Crowe is to star as the villainous Sheriff of Nottingham, while Miller was due to play Maid Marian.

Sienna has since been axed from the project – because beefy actor Crowe allegedly felt her frame was too thin to play his on-screen lover.

I have a couple of things to say about this one – 1.  I should be so lucky to be too thin for anything and 2) Maybe Russell Crowe should go back to his hotness of yesteryear!!  Is it me or did he gain A LOT of weight??