Ali Larter Has Had Her Heart Broken


When I read about a beautiful actress having her heart broken I always find it hard to believe (even if they were 15 when it happened). In February’s issue of Cosmopolitan, Ali Larter talks about her search for love.

“Since I was 15 years old, all I wanted was to find the guy I was going to marry. My heart got broken so many times because I put so much pressure on it.”

Things changed for Ali when she met her fiance, actor Hayes MacArthur.

Ali added,

“And then I got blindsided. [Hayes] showed me the way, and all was right. This is how it’s supposed to be.”

When it comes time to plan her wedding, Larter has stated,

“I’m a big fan of glamour. It’s something I don’t think there’s enough of in Hollywood anymore. I enjoy putting on a sexy dress and heels. I want to work it.”

After reading about Ali’s dream wedding it reminded me of a new show I recently saw on Lifetime Television, Get Married. They also have a great website called Get Married is hosted by Colin Cowie and Deanna Pappas. Both and Get Married’s show on Lifetime provide brides and wedding professionals with inspiring ideas, quality connections and great goods to create a personalized and memorable wedding.

I think Ali Larter should use Colin Cowie and to achieve the glamour of old Hollywood. Colin would do an awesome job at planning exactly what Ali is looking for to make her wedding a dream come true.


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