The Bachelor – So Many Girls – So Little Time!!

So many girls – so little time!!  How else would you explain an episode of the Bachelor where 15 girls are vying for 1 man’s attention. 

I would say poor Jason, but I think lucky Jason is more like it.  Or maybe confused Jason would be a better choice of words.

Jason surprised the Bachelorettes by paying them a poolside visit.  Jason seems to really be enjoying himself – he was flirting with Jillian and getting back rubs from Shannon.

A rose was delivered to the girls house for Jason to hand out for a romantic date.    And the winner was………….  Jillian.  They definitely seemed to have a connection when they were chatting – so I am not surprised.  What was a surprise was Natalie breaking down in tears.  I have such a hard time understanding the tears at this point in the show.  My opinion is that the tears are out of frustration.  As a competitive person – I can understand how stressful the whole situation must be for the girls.

The romantic date was at Disney Hall, with a private performance by Robin Thicke.  Jillian is definitely a girl who likes to have fun.  And as Jason said,

“She is fun, exciting and easy to talk to.”

The next one on one date went to Melissa.   Jason’s type is Melissa ,

“She is fun, gets people going, she walks in the room and everyone is looking at her.”

 Since that hasn’t worked for Jason in the past – I have no idea why he would pursue that “type” of person.

The next date was Jason and 8 woman.  He took them on a shopping spree.   From there they went to the Le Petit Hotel – lots of drinking and fighting.   Jason gave a rose to Molly,  bringing Naomi to tears.

Lisa left the show to go home since her mother has terminal breast cancer.

Who did Jason send home:  Raquel and Sharon (she quit her job to go on the show – that really stinks!!)

 Surprising facts from this episode:

Nikki only kissed 1 person in her life, her ex-boyfriend of 11 years.

Stephanie is a widow.

Next week – Stephanie goes on a date with Jason and gets a visit from her young daughter, Natalie gets the date of a lifetime and lots more bickering between the women.


One response to “The Bachelor – So Many Girls – So Little Time!!

  1. I actually think it was Lisa’s grandmother who was dying. That’s really too bad. I liked Lisa, and I thought it was catty of the other girls to be all, “Well, that’s one less girl vying for his attention.”

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