Drew Barrymore Doesn’t Understand Relationships

And who could blame her. Drew had a very unconventional childhood – her parents divorced at an early age and in an interview with Britain’s OK Magazine Drew explains,

“My father was literally out of his mind and my mother was more like a friend.”

Drew has had a string of long-term relationships and has been married twice – for one-month in 1994 to a Welsh bar owner and a 15-month marriage to comedian Tom Green in 2001.

Her failed marriages have had a long term effect on Drew,

“It left me without any bearings when it came to how to live in general. That obviously affects you in terms of everything else you’re going to experience. So I haven’t had as much happiness or success in my past relationships as I would have liked. What’s helped me is having really good and close friends who I’ve always been able to rely on”

You have to feel for Drew – marriage is hard enough – Drew didn’t have any role models as a child as far as relationships go. The closest thing to a role model that Drew had was Steven Spielberg. When you thank someone at the Golden Globes for showing up when you said you would that speaks volumes.

I hope Drew figures it out and finds her one true love.


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