More on Fergie and Josh’s “Magical Wedding”

US Weekly's Upcoming Cover

US Weekly's Upcoming Cover

Josh Duhamel and Fergie were married January 10th.

US Magazine had an exclusive interview with the bride -when asked about her wedding to her beau of 5 years, Fergie responded with:

“magical, ethereal.”

What did the groom think when he saw his bride walk down the aisle?

“Keep it together, you big baby!”

The bride’s first words to her crowd? (Since this is a family friendly website – I **** out anything that might be offensive to a reader).

“She said, ‘I’m married, b*****s!'”

When I got married those weren’t my first words – but then again i’m not Fergie. I don’t know how the crowd would have reacted had I said that.
According to Wilhelmina president Sean Paterson

“People were cheering and screaming. It was like being at a rock concert.”

Something tells me my parents wouldn’t have reacted quite like that. Can anyone remember the first words you spoke as husband and wife??


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