Jerry O’Connell Introduces His New Twins

Jerry O’Connell was on Live with Regis and Kelly today as the guest co-host for Regis Philbin.

He introduced the two newest additions to his and Rebecca Romijn’s family, Dolly and Charlie.

They are absolutely gorgeous. Here is the link to a video of the children Live With Regis and Kelly. The children are at 5:55.

Jerry was very humorous stating,

“The second you have kids, you can’t help but be like, ‘I happen to have some photos of my children.’ ”

I know the feeling – just wanting to show everyone how cute your kids are (or at least how cute you think your kids are).

He also said:

“These are my first kids and Rebecca’s first kids, and you can’t imagine just having one. It’s so much fun to have two of them. You throw them in the crib and they just play with each other.”

I love hearing from first time parents. It’s all so new and exciting. Aren’t the kids beautiful??


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