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The Bachelor Contest….. We Have a Winner

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The Bachelor – Episode 3 – Drama, Drama and More Drama

Episode 3 – Drama, Drama and More Drama.

Jason had his one on one date with Stephanie. First they went to the beach where he surprised her by bringing her daughter Sophie to visit. Jason was in tears watching the reunion between Stephanie and Sophie. They then went to Legoland. Jason gave Stephanie a rose made of legos. How cute was that!!

Jason seemed really into the whole idea of feeling like a family. Jason even said that’s exactly what he’s looking for and its a huge part of his life. I know that whoever he picks is going to be a mother to Tye but I feel like that is Jason’s primary concern. Do you think that’s the right way to go about looking for a wife??

The next date was a group date. Jason and 8 women – Shannon, Nikki, Melissa, Erica, Jillian, Megan, Kari, Naomi. They all made casts of their busts (including Jason) to be auctioned off, with the proceeds going towards breast cancer.

Shannon requested Jason’s help to apply her cast – she thought it would be a great chance for some one on one time. When they were finished,

Shannon said, “It felt good to have him rub my body.”.

Do you think she will feel at all embarrassed when she sees the show – the only word I can think of to describe the whole seen is “desperate”. What lengths would you go to for a rose??

Nikki told Jason that she was a control freak and a perfectionist (with regard to her bust painting). Based on Jason’s body language, I would have to say that if Jason could have ran he would have.

Jason’s one on one date with Natalie was the most romantic date. From jewels, to a private jet to Las Vegas, to a helicopter ride. Every girl’s dream. Jason was trying so hard to make a connection with Natalie but in the end felt nothing.
Jason did pick up the rose as if he was going to give it to Natalie – but ended up telling her that he couldn’t give it to her because it just wasn’t there for him. Natalie called him out on that move and told him that it was sneaky.

I’m not sure if we should call these surprising facts or just too much information:

Melissa told Jason that she had breast reduction surgery.
Naomi told Jason that she has only given herself to one person.

Awkward Moments:

Jason and Nikki’s Kiss – Nikki went in for the kill unexpectedly – it looked like Jason was going to turn his head initially but then changed his mind.
Jason and Erica were talking when Erica caught Jason looking at her “boobs”. Jason claimed he was just looking at the color of her dress. (Yeah right).

Who Went Home: Natalie, Erica and Kari


Another interesting episode of the bachelor. I am still up in the air as to who Jason will pick. Any thoughts on who the “right” one for Jason may be??


George Clooney Finally Appears on the Ellen Show!!

Finally – George has made an appearance on the Ellen Show!! Woo Hoo!!

George Clooney made it to the Ellen Show today (it was pre-taped) and it was nothing short of spectacular. I loved that George was introduced to the show with the song, “Mr. Bigstuff – Who Do You Think You Are??”

George was wooed to the show by two former Cincinnati Reds Baseball players.

Ellen asked George,

“Have people been informing you every step of the way of what we’ve done [to get you here]?”

“Informing me is not really what I would call what my office has been doing. Ah, complaining,” George replies. “They were a little concerned when that marching band came in. … The trombone player hurt someone, as always.”

George also stated, “People do come up to me all the time and say, ‘What’s wrong with you, man? Why don’t you go on Ellen’s show?’ [And] I say I haven’t been in town, which I haven’t been in town for a long time. I haven’t really … (cough, cough, laugh)”

Check out the You Tube Video to see more!!

The Bachelor Contest – Still Time to Enter

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Loser of the Year for 2008 Is……..

Amy Winehouse has won again. For the second year in a row – Amy Winehouse has been crowned the Loser of the Year for 2008. And we are not talking about her weight.

Virgin Media Music polled 3,000,000 people and Amy took the prize. It’s been a rough year for Amy. She has battled drugs, been in and out of rehab and is going through a divorce.

Does anyone feel bad for her or do you think she is part of the problem??

Uma Thurman Sure Does Like to Dance

Uma Thurman likes to dance and practice yoga. Apparently it doesn’t matter where she is either.

During a flight from New York to Salt Lake City, Utah (for the Sundance Film Festival) Uma decided to get up during the flight and practice some dance moves and yoga.

A witness told the New York Post,

“She used the flight-attendant station as a ballet bar, where she stretched and did plies for 20 minutes.”

That’s where her health consciousness ended. According to the onlooker:

“After we left the plane, she ran for an exit and then chain-smoked like crazy.”

The whole thing sounds a bit odd to me. Has anyone ever danced or done yoga in an odd place – in the middle of a store, in a waiting room?? I haven’t – maybe I should try it.

Courtney Love Has Chosen Her Daughter’s First Date


Too bad he doesn’t know about it yet.

According to the Daily Mail, Courtney Love’s daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, is a huge fan of Robert Pattinson.

Courtney seems to believe that Frances and Rob would make a great couple. She is desperate to set her 16-year-old daughter up with Rob – even though he is 22-years-old.

Most mother’s would be trying to keep their 16 year old daughter away from a 22 year old boy – but then again we are talking about Courtney Love.

What do you think – would you want your 16 year old daughter to date a 22 year old boy??